In the last 10 years, more than 60,000 people have successfully completed the Sportfasting program. Sportfastingis not a diet, but a 10-day scientifically proven effective training method where the body is trained to burn fat instead of sugar. The body makes a 'metabolic switch'. To achieve this, you exercise during the fast. This will make you burn more fat and reduce excess fat, especially belly fat. The switch allows your body to benefit from all the advantages of fat burning in the short term, namely weight loss, more energy and a completely fitter feeling.


Men lose an average of 3 to 6 kg and women 2 to 4 kg. Among other things, you burn internal belly fat, making your stomach flatter.


You do the 10-day sportfasting programme under the supervision of a coach. In the first three days you will make adjustments in your nutrition. Then you do a three-day juice fast. In the last four days you will build up your nutrition again in a controlled way. During the entire treatment you exercise 30 minutes every day at a certain intensity.

Your coach Wayda graduated as a dietician in 2013 and has been coaching Sportfasting since 2015 with a very good understanding of your situation and an individual approach. 

The consultations can take place safely by video call and you can do the daily 30-minutes-exercise outside. You can pick-up the Sportfasting pack in your NEXXT GYM studio and also do the Inbody measurement at the beginning of the 10 days where besides the weight, the body composition such as fat percentage and muscle mass is also measured. After the 10 days and with the next NEXXT GYM training we will do again an InBody measurement. You wil also get from your coach a recommendation how to continue.


Advantages of sportfasting:

  • Sportfasting is a health programme where weight loss is actually a side effect. It is a very good method to detoxify and to train your combustion engine to burn fat faster.

  • An important effect is to improve sports performance. Through sportfasting, the muscles are transformed in such a way that they can obtain much more energy from fat. Because of this, the sugars, of which there is a much smaller stock, do not have to be used as much. Therefore, the endurance capacity increases significantly.

  • Endurance athletes, such as runners and cyclists, are able to produce much more energy without running out of fuel. Explosive athletes can use it before the season to increase basic fitness. Another advantage is that recovery after sports (and after injuries) is increased.

  • Furthermore, sportfasting also has a preventive effect on certain diseases because it lowers the cholesterol level in your blood and your blood pressure.

  • The need to snack or want to eat something in between meals is much less after the treatment.


To stay fit and in shape after the Sportfasting, balanced eating and regular training are important. Your coach and trainers will help you with your targets!


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