Our mission

NEXXT GYM is a unique and atmospheric studio concept: By using Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS), a method originating from the the physiotherapy and the world of top sports, you will quickly build up muscle strength.

NEXXT GYM is a virtue for those who dislike the regular sport schools or for those who have little time or for people that can not train with heavy weights', says Thorsten Wilhelm, initiator and owner of NEXXT GYM. In Germany, where EMS comes from, this training method has been a hit for years with more than 1500 studios all over Germany working with this method. 


What many people object to the conventional fitness center is the massiveness, the impersonal and the amount of training time needed to achieve results. That is exactly what makes NEXXT GYM different. You can train here by appointment under the guidance of a personal coach very specific to your own programme. With EMS you train much more effectively, which ensures that 20 minutes per week is sufficient. Add to that the fact that you train in a small, stylish room and it suddenly becomes a lot easier to keep up with it. NEXXT GYM wants to bring fitness and health closer to people. Wilhelm: "No less than 80% of people over 35 don't take part in sports or fitness on a regular basis, although that is important. Also many people can not train with the stress from heavy weights. That's why we want to offer something that helps them train or improve. Ultimately, everything revolves around the best experience for our customers. The studio is located in the nicer streets, closer to the people, which makes it a real neighbourhood studio. What's more, it's a small studio because you don't need a lot of equipment, two is enough in this case'.

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Personal and effective

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The environment and look & feel are very important for NEXXT GYM. Angelika Barzilay and her design agency Barzileye Concept & Design designed the interior. With previous commissions for Charles de Gaulle, the Waterreus, Paagman and Hilton, she is not the least design agency. As always, for this project, she opted for special materials and bold contrasts in order to arrive at an idiosyncratic design that fits in perfectly with the goal of NEXXT GYM. In this case: bronze mirrors combined with a special color blue, walnut wood panels and fluorescent details that make this training facility a high end and tough sports space where you feel comfortable, not to say at home. That's exactly what I had in mind for our project, a space where I myself would like to work out,' says Angelika Barzilay. NEXXT GYM distinguishes itself emphatically by this powerful look and feel, which makes you want to work out here and not somewhere else.