Your own studio?

You are an ambitious personal trainer or fitness enthousiast and you are interested to become a NEXXT GYM franchise partner and open your own studio('s)?

NEXXT GYM is a unique and successful boutique studio concept that offers high quality EMS training in a pleasant atmosphere. Personal EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) training was established in 2007 and is one of the fastest growing health movements in Europe. EMS training is a very effective training in a short time and without any stress on the joints. Tested and proven over years from sports universities. 


NEXXT GYM offers franchise partners all the support they need to open and run a successful studio: Finding the right location, getting the funding, building the studio, intensive training, targeted marketing activities and administration support so that the NEXXT GYM franchise partners can focus on their clients and trainers. All the studio processes are very lean and efficient so that all the trainer's attention can go to the client.


With our proven studio marketing and organization methods the NEXXT GYM franchise partner can start already from the first month with a good client base. With NEXXT GYM you can realize your own studio with lower cost and more success than if you would do it on your own. Are you curious to learn more about the opportunity to open your own studio('s)? 

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