NEXXT GYM is a unique and successful boutique studio concept that offers high quality EMS training in a pleasant atmosphere. Personal EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) training was established in 2007 and is still the fastest growing fitness trend in Europe. EMS training is a very effective training in a short time and without any stress on the joints. Tested and proven over years from sports universities. For people that have no time or don't like to train in a conventional fitness studio and also for people that have certain limitations and can not train with heavy weights.

NEXXT GYM offers franchise partners all the support they need to open and run a successful studio: All the studio processes are very lean and efficient so that all the trainer's attention can go to the client.

With our proven studio marketing and organization methods the NEXXT GYM franchise partner can start already from the first month with a good client base. Further, NEXXT GYM has a strong partnership with miha bodytec, the leading provider of professional EMS equipment with more than 13 years of experience. The NEXXT GYM franchise partners can benefit from this partnership in multiple ways.

What NEXXT GYM offers you: 

  • Owning and running your own studio with area protection

  • 5.000 - 9.000 Euro salary/profit per month (dep. on the rent and number of clients)

  • Your own investment needs to be only min. 5.000 Euro

  • The total investment of 65 - 85.000 Euro can be mostly financed or leased

  • No initial franchise fee and no percentage of revenue

  • A low monthly service fee of only 950 Euro for all needed systems and support

  • In summery: Lower cost but more success with the strong NEXXT GYM support


How NEXXT GYM supports you:

  • Finding the right location and helping with the rent contract

  • Helping with bank credits and leasing for the construction and equipment

  • Studio design and construction support incl. providing material and supplier lists

  • Intensive training to learn the EMS background and training

  • Helping with the co-trainer recruitment and training

  • Online guidelines with text and video for the training and administration

  • Pre-opening marketing to start already with many interested clients

  • Permanent online marketing activities for 20-30 leads every month

  • Attractive NEXXT GYM website for getting test training applications

  • Easy online reservation system and web based studio software

  • All client contracts are online - no printer and paper in the studio needed

  • Easy weekly automated incasso - no cash or cards in the studio

  • Central customer service to answer mails and calls when the trainers are busy

What are your main tasks?

  • Focus on the clients and ensure a high quality training

  • Maintain and build your client base

  • Recruit, coach and coordinate the co-trainers

Low monthly service costs!

The service costs of 950 Euro per month are lower than when you do it on your own. This is the advantage of joining a strong group. The service costs include:

  • Using the web based studio system and online booking tool (no paperwork!)

  • Getting frequently new leads through the online campaigns and the NEXXT GYM website

  • Central customer service to offer a good service while the trainers are busy

  • Regular updates of the online training and administration guidelines

  • Low administration effort with our easy incasso system and useful templates

  • Regular personal and online meetings with all studio managers to share experiences

Low investment!

The rather low investment of 65 - 85.000 Euro can be mostly financed or leased. 

  • 2.000 Euro - Business and financial plan, helping with credits and leasing

  • 5.000 Euro - Helping with the rent contract, studio design and construction preparation

  • 10 - 30.000 Euro - Studio construction (depends on the condition and own contribution)

  • 15.000 Euro - Studio equipment (suits, furniture, computer, etc.)5.000

  • 30.000 Euro - EMS and measurement devices

  • 3.000 Euro - Setting-up all systems, intensive training and pre-opening campaigns 

Your own studio in 10 steps and 20 weeks

  1. Get in touch with us

  2. Do a test training to understand whether this is something for you e

  3. Read the franchise information (this step)

  4. Sign the Non-Disclosure-Agreement (1 week)

  5. Go together through the business plan and contract details (1 week)

  6. Sign the franchise contract (1 week)

  7. Get the funding and leasing approved (3-4 weeks)

  8. Find and sign a location (1-6 weeks)

  9. Prepare the studio opening (8 weeks)

  10. Open your studio

Go to the nexxt level!

We need a signed Non-Disclosure-Agreement before we can share and and discuss the business plan and contract details. Click on NDA and go to the nexxt level.