Fitter, firmer, slimmer in 20 minutes per week - without heavy weights and pain risk!

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"Results in a short time and great that we can train without heavy weights"


NEXXT GYM is no ordinary fitness studio. With us you train all major muscle groups short and effectively in 20 minutes at the same time.


We work with the advanced EMS method (Electro Muscle Stimulation). The training intensity does not come from heavy weights but from gentle electrical stimulation. The EMS training does not put extra stress on the joints and the musculoskeletal system.


The central nervous system stimulates and activates our muscles. This is done by means of electrical stimuli. EMS reinforces very targeted the intensity of the own stimuli to train muscles from the outside. EMS comes from the physiotherapy and top sport but has been used successfully in personal training for more than ten years.

With the NEXXT GYM training, muscle tissue is built up, the metabolism is stimulated, subcutaneous fat tissue is reduced and the skin is firmed. A strong musculature increases the basal metabolism and burns more calories. Back and joint pain are reduced with targeted EMS muscle training from NEXXT GYM.



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